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Aquatherapy—it’s good for the soul.

Sometimes the schedule and the waves don’t see eye-to-eye. Last weekend, after a challenging work week, a session or two of surf would have been a welcome relief. But it was not to be, as the weekend brought washing machine conditions one day, and family obligations the next.

Tuesday, my BFF and I schemed in the early morning to make an appointment for an aquatherapy session immediately after work.

Finally, the magic hour arrived. I amazed myself on how quickly I changed from work gear and was on my way to the waves. The water was warm and the waves seemed to know just what I needed to melt the stress away. We left the beach tired, but happy, just as the sun started to drop.

Today I’m back at work, refreshed and busy as ever. You’ll note that look of concentration you see on my face when I’m in a meeting, or at my desk.

Of course, it might just be me reliving yesterday’s waves, and what I’ll do better next time.  I’ll never tell.

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