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Preparing for warmer days…

It’s January in Florida, and it’s been a mild one at that.  The water temp has fluctuated, but is hovering in the high 60’s.  If I had my way, that’s as cold as it would get, but I’m probably not that lucky.

Last season some of my friends acquired spring suits to deal with the days when the water is still cool, but the air is warm.  I held back, and wore my wetsuit all the way through the early spring. The last few wearings had me dumping water down the front on sunny days to keep from roasting.  I gradually moved to a board shorts and a thick rash guard, but there were a few breezy days when that wasn’t quite enough.

I looked at spring suits, but couldn’t justify the price for something I would only wear a few times a year.  But there’s a benefit to telling friends you surf.  I got a call last weekend from one who told me about a “wetsuit” he thought would fit me for $10 at a thrift store.  He’d actually gone to the trouble of moving it to the back of the rack to give me a chance to get there before someone else bought it.  I was skeptical, but headed out to see what he had found.  Wouldn’t you know, it was a spring suit in almost new condition. I was going to buy it regardless of fit, as surely someone I knew could use it.  But I decided to try it on anyway, and quickly found there’s no easy way to wiggle into one in a tiny dressing room.  I’m sure the other women waiting in line were wondering what I was doing as I bumped into the wall a couple of times getting it on and off. (My middle name is definitely not “Grace”.) Lucky for me, it was a perfect fit, and is now safe and sound in my closet waiting for those in-between days ahead.

Now if only this “winter” they speak of would hurry up…

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